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I'm Lorinda. I am a photographer, mother of three beautiful children now adults and two grandchildren. My passion for photography began over 25 years ago with my love of capturing people, unposed, and as their natural selves. Iv'e learned throughout my many years photographing people how to make them comfortable and how to make them relax and forget they are being photographed.

Believe me I get it, I very much dislike having my photos taken. I know it seems strange a photographer who dislikes having photos taken. But looking back I realize I should of  just got in the photo. Life is short and we tend to overthink things sometimes, but end of the day just do it! My main goal is to capture the true beauty I see as your story's unfolding in front of me.

All the joking, kissing, side glances, the authentic moments when you forget the camera is there. To me those are the best photographs. The ones your grandkids will have printed and framed on their wall. 

My repertoire includes weddings, elopements, proposals, families, and an ever-expanding devotion to portraiture. I also love helping update your dating profile photos.

It is my experience that beautiful moments occur naturally in relaxed settings, because of my fun and sociable nature my subjects are always at ease and I can capture these moments very effectively.

My background in styling, hair and make-up are helpful to ensure the most stunning versions of my subjects. I am available for special events, including weddings,  surprise proposals, micro weddings, elopements, senior portraits, family portraits, head shots and boudoir. I am a local to Monterey Peninsula and know all the secret locations and love to pick out the best locations for your special day. Feel free to send me an email at 

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